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  • Employment Services

    Business owners often overlook the unique potential of individuals with intellectual, physical, sensory, and developmental differences as they strive to enhance their diversity, equity, and inclusivity hiring strategies. Yet, this group of individuals has a lot to offer.

    The truth is, everyone has something unique to contribute.

    A diverse team of employees can open up a wealth of talents, creativity, and innovation. Imagine tapping into all these skills and perspectives you may have previously overlooked.

    Our extensive research shows that hiring employees of all abilities, including those with intellectual disabilities, can create a more vibrant work environment and boost your business.

    In fact, the benefits of diversifying your team can lead to:

    • Higher overall productivity
    • Reduced absenteeism
    • Increased customer loyalty

    inclusion powell river dedicates itself to breaking down employment barriers and supporting local businesses in embracing a workforce that reflects the full spectrum of human diversity.

    Let's work together to foster an inclusive work culture that recognizes and values the contributions of all employees, including those with disabilities.

    For 35 years, Employment Services has actively bridged the gap between job seekers and forward-thinking employers like you.  

    Discover how we can support you in diversifying your workforce and embracing the talents of all individuals.

    People with disabilities and barriers to employment have the interests, skills, and work ethic to bring long-term value to your workplace.

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    Are you a job seeker?

    If you are looking for work and meet the following criteria, we can help you to find meaningful work that uses your skills and interests:

    • You are eligible for CLBC
    • Have an autism diagnosis
    • Are a youth with a disability in your final year of high school
    • Have a learning disability that makes finding and keeping a job difficult

    We can help you with:

    Our commitment to inclusive employment

    Individual starting a OneLight fire starter with the Onelight logo

    OneLight Fire Starter

    OneLight is an employment pilot project initiated by inclusion powell river. We aim to provide equal opportunities to people of diverse abilities by employing one-third of our workforce from individuals with developmental disabilities and one-third from those without disabilities.

    visit the onelight website
    Storefront image of Kindred Rebuild, a rebuild store in Powell River

    Kindred Rebuild

    Our second successful social enterprise, Kindred Rebuild, was created to divert household waste from landfills while fulfilling our mandate for inclusive employment.

    visit kindred rebuild