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People Are Your Biggest Asset

Businesses are always looking for good, dependable workers who can help their businesses prosper. When placed successfully, people with developmental disabilities are committed workers with the skills and work ethic to bring real, long term value to your workplace.

Hiring the Right Person Benefits Your Bottom Line

Diversity in the workplace can mean an increase in your customer base. The facts are:

  • 1 in 7 people in BC have a disability
  • In BC every year, people with developmental disabilities and their families make significant contributions to the economy through their purchase of goods and services
  • Research shows that 80% of consumers prefer to support businesses with diverse workforce

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New Employment Approaches Can Help Build Your Company’s Future

Inclusion Powell River Employment Services supports adults with developmental disabilities to find and keep employment. Our agency can work with you to connect you to potential employees in a way that makes sense for your business.

We can help:ES pic2

  • Screen potential job applicants
  • Match skills with business needs
  • Provide on the job support and training
  • Ensure there is follow up and support as needed




Inclusion Powell River offers a Secure Shredding service through our employment services program.  All  paper shredding will be kept completely confidential and will stay at your location.



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