FASD/CDBC Keyworker Services

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

Complex Development Behavioural Conditions (CDBC)


What does this program offer?

The FASD Key Worker provides information, advocacy and support, to families with children and youth ages 0 -18, where Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) or other similar neurodevelopmental conditions are suspected, or where there is a confirmed diagnosis.

FASD is a brain-based disability resulting from fetal exposure to any amount of alcohol during pregnancy.The effects vary from one person to the next, and may include difficulties with learning, memory and sensory integration.

Affected children/youth may also be very loving, creative, loyal and determined to succeed.

The Key Worker offers a single point of contact and works in a guide role for families.

The Keyworker provides information and advice on access and availability of particular services; education, social services, financial resources, recreation, transportation, etc.

The Key Worker also provides support and advocacy to families, and facilitates parent-to-parent support groups as needed. The Key Worker also liaises with and coordinates referrals with Sunnyhill Health Centre for Children.


If you have a question about your child’s behaviour and its potential link to fetal alcohol or another complex developmental behavioural disorder, contact our Key Worker at 604 483-4042 ext 200 or email at fasd@pracl.ca

Referrals can be made by parents, caregivers and/or community professionals.

Where and When?
Service is provided at a location preferred by the family. This can be a home visit, a visit to The Jean Pike Centre, or in the community.

Services are free.