Together while Apart: Community Advent Calendar

For the month of December, our Community Connectors created a community-wide advent calendar! They posted seasonal images in 48 locations across town, wrote clues for each, and invited the community to find as many as they could. At each location, folks were invited to send in a selfie of themselves, to be entered in a draw. 

We were so happy with how many people sent in pictures, along with a sentence or two about what “inclusion” means to them. It was hard but we’ve picked just a few to share below. 

Everyone’s brain works differently, everyone thinks differently, and that’s okay.

– The Devlin Family Kids

Inclusion, to me, is including all individuals equally and fairly; not excluding them in any way regardless of their barriers/challenges within the community. It is about acceptance! And we must remember no two individuals are created the same way, we are all unique in our ways and we contribute in different ways.

– One of our participants (no name provided)

Inclusion to me means that everyone feels included and cared for and like an important part of the community with a role to play. Being part of a community means that you have people to count on and you are not alone.

– Sabrina

Inclusion means to be nice to people. Make sure everyone is happy.

– Derek

Inclusion means including EVERYONE.

– Ross

Thanks to everyone who participated in this community activity! Stay tuned for our next Together while Apart initiative.

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