Complaints Process

We strive for high quality, person-centred care, and your feedback plays an important part in us achieving that goal.

If you have any concerns with the care you receive from us, we want to hear about it. We’ve outlined our conflict resolution process below.

1. Informal discussion with program staff or manager

We encourage you to discuss your concern with the staff and/or manager within your specific program. If not resolved, we will move to the next step.

2. Formal discussion and documentation

We will coordinate a meeting with involved staff, manager, Program Director, and/or Chief Executive Officer to listen to your concerns. We will ask you to explain the problem in detail, and let us know what steps you have already taken to address the problem. We’ll ask you what you think needs to happen to make things better.

3. Investigation

We will do our due diligence to investigate the circumstances surrounding your concern and to understand what happened and how we can resolve it.

4. Report

Within 10 days of your formal complaint, we will summarize the results of our investigation, detail any action taken because of your concern, and put forth recommendations as needed, to prevent similar concerns in the future.

5. Chief Executive Officer Review

Our C.E.O. does an annual review of all complaints, and implements any policy and procedural changes as needed to improve services.

6. Appeal to Community Living B.C. or Ministry of Child and Family Development

If you are dissatisfied by our response to your concern, you are welcome to file a complaint with Community Living BC or the Ministry of Child and Family Development. Both agencies have their own complaint process; we can assist you in filing your complaint.

7. Advocate for service quality

You may wish to advocate for improved service quality at a municipal, provincial and/or federal level. We would be happy to provide you with resources to do so. 


If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact our Chief Executive Officer, Lilla Tipton:

604-485-6411 ext. 227