A message from our incoming Board President

Every fall we hold our Annual General Meeting where our Board of Directors is elected, and the Board Executives are appointed. Below, our new Board President, David Morris, offers some insight into the structure and role of our board and its key priorities over the next year.

On September 24, 2020 we held its annual general meeting (AGM), but with COVID-19 affecting large gatherings, this year the AGM was held virtually through Zoom. Utilizing the technical expertise of our staff, the board and our members were able to take part in the meeting, hear and see the presentation from our auditors and ask questions of the Board and vote on resolutions put forward. Overall the meeting went very well.

inclusion Powell River Society’s board is made up of fifteen volunteers from which the Executive is appointed, comprised of the President, David Morris, Vice-President, Arlette Raaen, Treasurer, Paul Clements and Secretary, Joyce Carlson.

The board is a governance board versus an administrative board. Its role is to provide oversite of the organization and to ensure inclusion Powell River Society is striving to achieve its vision of creating “A safe, inclusive community where everyone belongs”. The majority of this oversight occurs through various committees which in turn report to the board at the monthly directors’ meetings.

The key areas of focus for the board are:

  • Strategic planning
  • Finance/Budgets
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Risk Management and Compliance with Legislation and Contract Deliverables
  • Community representation/reputation
  • Staff supervision – specifically the CEO

All matters pertaining to the daily operation of the Society fall under the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer and the CEO’s direct reports. The CEO provides a monthly update to the Board at the Directors meetings and a quarterly report outlining how the organization is meeting its goals. The CEO is responsible to ensure that the Society’s budget is managed as approved by the Board and that new financial developments are reported to the Board. All other unusual matters pertaining to the ongoing activities of the Society are reported as well.

The current strategic plan for the organization has five main objectives, the core of each being that:

  • We are person-centered
  • We are helping to create a safe, inclusive community for all

The strategic objectives are currently as follows:

  1. Continuous improvement of all existing programs and services offered throughout the organization; to include more flexible program offerings, a greater degree of person centered support, targeted advocacy in direct support of participant needs, greater efforts to customize employment options.
  2. Improve performance in the areas of employee and client recruitment and retention, increased attention to training and recognition for staff and careful succession planning/preparation.
  3. Expanded engagement between the community and the organization, including a greater understanding of the issue of inclusion, and the demonstration of more inclusion across the Powell River Region.
  4. New programming in areas that have been identified as currently underserved, to include youth-in-transition, 6-12 year olds, isolated adults, housing and special care.
  5. The development of sustainable service and revenue streams. This includes revenue diversification, social enterprise development in areas where we have expertise and divesting of initiatives that are not profitable.

This will be an exciting year with a number of new initiatives being undertaken including an update to the strategic plan, a new affordable housing development in partnership with BC Housing, and expanding on our fire starter social enterprise. I look forward to working with all the directors, staff, client, members and volunteers in setting and achieving our goals and ensuring that the society continues to be a valuable member of and contributor to our community.

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