Greg Booth’s Story


Greg Booth started with Employment Services at Inclusion Powell River over 5 years ago when he participated in a Customized Employment Pilot. ES staff worked with Greg to discover his interests, passions and skills and aimed to match those attributes in an employment setting. It became very clear that the outdoors was one of Greg’s main themes and specifically water. Greg loves being on the water as he has been around boats, the lake and ocean all of his life and feels comfortable and at home there.
ES staff met with the owners of Terracentric, Hugh and Christine to discuss the idea of Inclusion PR purchasing pontoons so that they would be available for people with limited mobility to use and for Greg to promote the pontoons. His duties would include cleaning the equipment, learning about guiding and accessing the ocean using the pontoons.
Hugh and Christine were very receptive to this idea and an employment plan was created!
Greg is now in his third year of working for Terracentric Adventures and says he is enjoying every minute of it.
When asking Christine her thoughts of having Greg as a staff member, she said “I think the thing that Greg brings to his job is first off, his great enthusiasm as well as being hard working with a good memory. He remembers all the staff that he’s worked with in the past and from year to year (the job is seasonal) remembers his tasks and routines. I see Greg over the past years having gained confidence in his work, has met new people that he sees in the community, as well his paddling skills have improved.
Christine also adds, “Last summer Greg was working on cleaning the boats, when we had some renters show up on site to pick up their boats. Although Greg had never been shown about orienting people to our operations in that manner, he didn’t miss a beat, enthusiastically greeting them, letting them know about the boats, the gear they needed and that is was a great day! It was wonderful. All of us at Terracentric look forward to Tuesday’s when he is working with us!”
ES Staff member Chad Lavoie who assists Greg with transporting and loading the kayaks says “ Greg brings a lot of energy to the team. Greg has a huge grin on his face when he goes to work and it’s a complete match!”
We want to thank and congratulate Christine, Hugh and all the staff at Terracentric Adventures for being an excellent inclusive employer who consistently exhibits superior professionalism and creativity in employment opportunities.