Cranberry Eco Preschool

Nestled in a field on the edge of a forest, Cranberry Eco Preschool provides an engaging predominantly outdoor curriculum that encourages children’s learning through curiosity and exploration of the natural environment surrounding them.

With many of the teachers born and raised in Powell River, they have taken their love for nature and their passion for enhancing the social-emotional development of children and built on the previously existing nature-based learning environment of Cranberry preschool to move the program to the next level. The staff have specialized training in early childhood education, special needs, outdoor-based learning, positive behaviour support, and are influenced by the Reggio Emelia inspired approach of self directed and experiential learning. The program will operate with an environmental lens using natural materials, teaching children about gardening and composting, will have a zero-waste policy, and will operate under the philosophy that there is no bad weather because the best classrooms have no walls.

To find out more, please contact the preschool directly at 604.483.4042 ext 210 or the secretary at the Cranberry Child Development and Family Resource Centre at          604.483.4042 ext 200. You can also e-mail us at