Chris Leekie Gives Back



When Chris Leekie moved from Sechelt to Powell River in the year 2000, he came to PRACL Employment Services to help him find a job. He did not have a lot of work experience but he was determined to be employed. Chris began gaining work skills through Employment Services seasonal yard contracts as well as working for Rent a Flower. He won his first steady job at the Lund Hotel as a part-time dishwasher and then moved to the Shinglemill as a dishwasher. Chris picked up extra employment while he was working part time. He worked for a private home/farm where he helped with various duties such as yard work and butchering turkeys/chickens, as well as with Partners in Grime as a janitor, Agius Construction during the renovation of CLP, the prawn plant in Finn Bay, and a private contractor. While working, Chris continued to apply for other employment opportunities, as he knew that dishwashing was not what he wanted to do forever.

On July 11, 2003, Chris landed a position at Canada Safeway. He began as a part time worker in the grocery department. He also unloaded trucks and did some customer service. As he gained seniority, he moved into more work and eventually began receiving benefits with his increased hours. Chris now works full time as a general clerk in the grocery department. He stated that he always does as his boss asks and he always accepted extra shifts offered to him and that is how he got to the position he is in today. Chris’s strong work ethic and dedication made him a valued employee as his employer could always count on him. This is exactly how the staff at Employment Services felt when they were given contract work. They knew that they could always count on Chris to perform the job.

At Christmas, Chris thanked Employment Services staff as well as Life Skills staff who supported him to become successful in his life by generously donating $100.00 to PRACL to be used to help others who are in need of gaining skills to become employed. Today, Chris works full time, lives independently, is financially independent, has his own car, pays his own bills, does his own cooking and cleaning and organizes his own activities. We at Employment Services and PRACL would like to thank Chris for his kind donation and his heartfelt appreciation of service he received. He has worked hard at achieving his goals and dreams. Congratulations Chris you are a true success story!

Contributed by Connie Polman-Tuin, Manager, Employment Services.