Jordyn McGregor’s Story

picture tina Jordyn Lesley Claire

(second one in from the left)

The story continues for Jordyn McGregor on her dream job journey

Jordyn needed to take another course to keep her Early Childhood Education Assistant certification current and also needed to find some funding for the course fees. Her Worker, Lesley at Employment Services, assisted Jordyn to enroll at Northern Lights College and researched Student Grants.  They learned from Northern Lights College that if Jordyn applied for a Permanent Disability Status through Student Aid BC she could possibly be awarded $8,000 for the continuation of her education throughout her lifetime.  The Access Coordinator, Karen Rea also assisted ES with how to apply for tutoring services that could be granted to Jordyn, up to $650.00.  After much effort and collaboration between Karen at Northern Lights College and Employment Services both applications were approved and Jordyn was registered in September 2015 for the Guiding and Caring Teleconference course.  A tutor was carefully picked, one that had Elementary School experience and was a Teacher’s Aid herself.  Claire Finnamore and Jordyn ended up being a perfect match and Claire has been there for Jordyn every step of the way.  Tina Crookshank, the teacher at Edgehill Elementary School was the crucial school support and guidance for Jordyn.  Jordyn has been working with Tina in the Kindergarten class for over 4 years and they know each other well.  Jordyn had a complete team!

The first assignment went well but the second did not. Jordyn received a very low mark and felt she was harshly criticized.  This was a huge setback for Jordyn; she had been trying so hard, working long hours and felt very misunderstood!  Claire wrote a letter of support for Jordyn and Tina also questioned whether she should call the teacher as well to clarify what was needed for Assignment #2. Jordyn and Lesley regrouped and arranged teleconference calls  with the teacher Cathy Matheson, Karen from Access Services and the ECE Board Chair, Cindy Page.  They were very supportive and encouraging to Jordyn and gave feedback of ways to manage the course material.

Jordyn came back stronger than ever, she redid Assignment #2 as well as doing Assignment #3, Assignment #4 and weekly teleconference calls with the whole class. Jordyn, Claire and Lesley met for Lunch in December to celebrate her finishing the course and to congratulate Jordyn for her perseverance.  At that time they were wondering the same thing…what will the final Assignment mark be?  What will the final grade be?  They knew that Jordyn had passed the course just by her assignment marks and her 100% attendance on the teleconference calls but the final grade was on their minds!

Three days later Jordyn got her marks and called to say she got 100% on her last assignment and 83% overall!  She received a B+ on a course she was so scared about taking that it just about didn’t happen. She is so glad it did!

That’s what passion, perseverance and a support team can make happen. Reality became even bigger than the dream!  Jordyn used to say to Lesley “I would be up the creek without a paddle if it wasn’t for you.”  Well Jordyn, you have your own paddle now, guiding your own canoe!

Written by Jordyn McGregor and Lesley Thorsell