Matthew Power’s Story

carol and Matthew


Matthew Power was referred to inclusion PR Employment Services by Career Link, our EPBC service provider and Model Community Project.

ES worked in tandem with the Supported Pre-Employment Counselor from Career Link to help Matthew overcome multiple barriers and move forward into employment. At Employment Services Matthew participated in the Discovery process to find what his skills and interests were.  He did 5 work experiences as part of the Discovery and one of them was with Carol Engram of U-Grow Red Door.  Carol enjoyed him and his works so much that she hired him to assist her with summer watering.  She stated that he is exceptional, a jewel!  She likes the way he thinks ahead as he will email her to ask about watering and is eager to learn more.  She feels that with some training Matthew would be an excellent gardener.

Matthew is also working with Chris Weekes the Community Connector on social networking and attending the WEST program at VIU.

This is a good example of how a circle of support can assist a client to move forward. One of the stories that Matthew shared from his WEST program was from an assignment. The students were asked to fill out an animal profile of what animal they felt that they were most alike.   Matthews profile was the Beaver, which pays attention to details, is intuitive, task-oriented, a quiet and steady achiever and a good listener.  Matthew stated that he would also like to develop some of the traits and aptitudes of the Lion: become and feel more confident and powerful, set goals and be more comfortable with change.   Matthew has had positive experiences over the last few years with EPBC services, numerous community services, and recently VIU. It seems that Matthew is well on his way to becoming a LION.