BC Election 2017: TV Leaders Debate Tonight!!

Inclusion BC sent in questions for the BC political leaders’ debate, which will be televised this Wednesday, April 26, from 6:30 – 8 PM, on all major TV and radio stations.

Question 1: Will you support an increase in PWD monthly rates to $1,200/month in 2017, with yearly cost of living increases and portable housing subsidies that cover actual housing costs?

Question 2: How would your party address the chronic shortfall in CLBC funding and the need for an independent external review of CLBC?

Do you have a question? Email it to: bcdebate2017@gmail.com

Advancing inclusion in BC Election 2017:
Our BC Election 2017 Toolkit has info and tips to help you make a difference when BC votes on May 9, including:
Schedule of candidate debates around BC
Priority issues & questions for candidates
Take action: Election activities
How to register & vote
Resources & where to get more info